60th anniversary

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Mr A G Ratnapala Samaraweera is the principal driving force behind building Maliban brand to what it is today by instilling a culture of “Inspiring goodness…” in the company. Taking over the reins of the company at a relatively young age with the demise of his father, the legendary founder of Maliban, Mr Samaraweera made Maliban a truly value driven company to win the hearts and minds of consumers in Sri Lanka and around the world. His vision and commitment to give the best to the consumer is amply demonstrated by the statement “Quality is my religion”. Mr Samaraweera worked restlessly to make Maliban manufacturing facility, one of the best biscuit factories in the world. He is a generous philanthropist and contributes heavily to uplift the lives of the needy in our society. Mr Samaraweera has dedicated his life to making Maliban a national icon and successfully led it to be one of the most respected Sri Lankan entities with a strong sense of heritage and culture.
Ms A G Kumudika Fernando was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2009. Today she leads the professional management team as the Managing Director of the company. Ms Kumudika Fernando received her primary education at the Holy Family Convent in Colombo and completed the higher education in Singapore and the United States of America. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Since assuming the leadership role Ms Kumudika Fernando has led the aggressive infrastructure development projects to upgrade Maliban infrastructure to become world class and was behind many consumer innovation projects that delivered a series of successful new and relaunched products to the market. She is also the live wire behind the strategic planning process that will lead Maliban to greater heights in the landscape of Sri Lankan brands.